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Visit our Forum to upload a Cheater Demo. Or have a look into our TeamSpeak 3. |TNG| Members will try to help you there too. Also you can send your Demo by E-Mail to:

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You are banned at one of our Server's and want to get unbanned? Search at the public Ban List for your Ban and post your Request with your Ban-ID at the Forum.

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Welcome to TNG

Welcome to The Noob Gamers Community. We are a Urban Terror Community with Member's from all over the World. The Name we choose should underline that we are just Fun-Players. We don't care about Skill or something like that. We play just for Fun. TNG was foundet in April 2013 by Group of Guys who met while playing UrT together. And grew from that Day on to what it is right now.

We are running some Urban Terror 4.2 Servers. The Root Server is located in Germany. With a pretty solid Connection we hope to offer a acceptable Ping for every Player. Everybody is invited to our Gameservers or the Teamsspeak. As long as you can behave yourself, you are welcome.

The only thing that is important for us is to play fair. We hate Cheaters and we will do everything to keep them away. If you see a Cheater at one of our Servers please don't call it public, take a Demo and upload it so we can Ban him.

All our Servers are running a B3 Bot. So you can use !help if you need something. Please respect our Server Rules which you can get by using !rules at one of our Servers. If you need more than that just ask at the Forum or talk to a Member of the TNG Team.

And if you want to become Part of the TNG Team you can find a 'How to' at our Forum.

|TNG| Team

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